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ColdFusion UPS Package Issue: NegotiatedRates not defined

Name: NegotiatedRates not defined
ID: 4
Project: ColdFusion UPS Package
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Low
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: Doug
Created: 12/30/10 6:54 PM
Updated: 01/03/11 5:59 PM
Description: I was getting an error using the rateservice.cfc. Not sure if my input variables was screwing with it or not, but I was getting an error saying "NegotiatedRates" was not defined.

I went to line 399 or so and wrapped that section with:

<cfif isDefined("ratedshipment.NegotiatedRates") and isArray(ratedshipment.NegotiatedRates)>
... your code...

And it seems to have fixed the problem.
History: Created by cjboco_doug (Doug) : 12/30/10 6:54 PM

Updated by cfjedimaster (Raymond Camden) : 01/03/11 5:59 PM
Fixed in today's release.

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