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ColdFusion UPS Package Issue: getRateInformation() NegotiatedRates isn't identified as an array

Name: getRateInformation() NegotiatedRates isn't identified as an array
ID: 6
Project: ColdFusion UPS Package
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Low
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: James Moberg
Created: 08/03/15 4:22 PM
Updated: 08/03/15 4:22 PM
Description: In the "add in negotiated rates" section of rateservice.cfc, remove the isArray() check as ColdFusion is not properly identifying ratedshipment.NegotiatedRates as an array in the XML response even though the next cfloop treats it as an array. I tested this internally using ColdFusion 9 & 10... removing isArray() allows it to process the rates otherwise nothing is returned. Processing requests for shipments without negotiated rates is not impacted by this change. I'm not sure why as it doesn't make any sense.
History: Created by Jamo (James Moberg) : 08/03/15 4:22 PM

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